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Brian Bradely Electrical Contractor

After years of experience, specializing in this arena, let us be the contractor who is a significant contributor to the transformation of your backyard with your pool or spa, far exceeding your expectations at what could be done to make your home the “bright spot” of the neighborhood.

Your Pool and Spa Specialists

Residential Renovations/Additions

Whether it comes to a new addition or renovation of any room or rooms within your home, including the damp and musty forgotten basement, we will install all the necessary wiring, lighting and communication required by the Electrical Code. We will meet your personal needs and requests, and will keep your home safe and efficient regarding energy savings.

Commercial Power Distribution

You probably don't think much about how electricity gets into your commercial property, but we do!


From automatic transfer switches that make sure your generator turns on to indoor power centers, our professional electricians can handle the job.

Reliable renovation work Keep your business in power

Speak to our staff directly – If you’re not able to reach us, we’ll return your call or e-mail usually within 24 hours.

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You have many choices when it comes to hiring electrical contractors. We have 30 years of experience.


Let us show you the meaning of quality and quantity, always remembering safety first while keeping your costs down.

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