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If your guests can't see your landscaping, they won't be able to enjoy it! Illuminate your pool, deck, patio, or sitting area around your fire pit with energy efficient impressive lighting thanks to our experienced staff. Brian often states, "It is the lighting indoors or out that brings a project full circle!"


Beautify Your Home and Lawn With Lighting


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Create the Perfect Ambiance

• Patio and walkway lighting

• Motion sensor lighting

• Yard and driveway lighting

• Security and event lighting


Secure Your Property

Whether you own commercial or residential property, you can deter criminals and feel better with motion activated flood lights.

Enjoy your time in your backyard more often with lighting that lets you use your pool or spa even after the sun goes down.


Light up your Pool or Spa

The electrical systems in your home or business are very important to us- as is the safety of your family and customers.


You can entrust their safety to our staff, proud members of the BBB without a complaint on record.

Over 3 decades of work

You can trust that our licensed electrician will do what is requested, meeting your budget needs. If any additional work is required we will notify you prior to commencing with the work.

Don't Overpay for Your Electrical Services

Make a dramatic improvement to your home or garden with our professionally designed and installed landscape lighting.

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